Formula 360 Mothers Milk NutritionThe arrival of a new-born brings a time of joy and happiness and for the breast feeding mother a whole new set of challenges as well.

No-one can dispute the benefits of breast feeding for both mother and child. Breastfeeding plays an important part in immune development and provides vital nutrients that help your baby grow. Breast milk also contains antibodies which help your baby fight infections and protects against illnesses such as gastroenteritis, colds, urinary infections and ear infections.

Breast milk also reduces the risk of your baby getting allergic conditions such as asthma and eczema. It can even help to protect your baby against serious illnesses, such as childhood diabetes.

But all too often the mother’s needs become secondary and the demands of motherhood can be overwhelming in the early stages. A nutritional diet is often overlooked and the changes in your sleep patterns can cause fatigue.

If you are a nursing mother, you not only eat for the sake of your own health but also for the health of the breastfeeding baby.

During breastfeeding, your body automatically places the baby’s needs first and makes milk production its first priority. If your diet lacks sufficient nourishment to support milk production, your body will draw upon its reserves.

Good nutrition is therefore just as important for your health as it is for your baby. A balanced diet, high in fibre, Protein, B Group vitamins and minerals such as Calcium, and Iron and are important principles of a breast-feeding diet.

With the health of the breast feeding mum and baby in mind SOS Health Foods has developed a totally natural way to improve the nutritional component of your diet and support the demands that breast feeding mums face.

Formula 360 is Low G.I., completely free from anything artificial, contains no added sugar and has been developed to help provide a protein, nutrient and mineral boost to your diet without any fuss.

Simple and easy to use: Just 2 tablespoons mixed in with your cereal, yogurt, milk or smoothie provides a protein rich nutritional boost to your diet.

If you feel fatigued or your diet needs a boost than Formula 360 may be just the thing to help bring back the balance to your body.


SOS Formula 360 provides naturally occurring:

Protein & amino acids: The building blocks of muscle and tissue growth
Iron: Aids brain function and metabolism
Fibre: For healthy digestion
Calcium: For strong bones
Omega 3: For heart health
Antioxidants: To prevent oxidative damage to cellular components
Vitamins & Minerals: For general wellbeing
Folate: For neural development


Contains: Almond flour, ground sunflower kernels, flaxseed, walnuts and pepita. Coconut flour, sesame seeds, psyllium husk, whey protein (milk solids), oat meal, wheat bran, chia seeds, green leaf stevia,

Tip: Breastfeeding mothers release a hormone called oxytocin, which causes milk to be available for the baby. This hormone makes you thirsty, so keep a drink of water nearby when you breastfeed.



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